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Non Corrosive Vehicle Cleaners

MPC-3 (Car and truck wash)

This product is an excellent choice for cleaning cars, trucks, busses, and fleet equipment.  It does a fantastic job of removing road film and oils, grit, grime, and even bug residue with very minimal brushing or scrubbing.  MPC-3 can be used through pressure washing equipment, pump up sprayer, foaming device, or by hand washing.  When hand washing, we recommend using a water dilution ratio from 1:10 to 1:30. 


MPC-9 (Two stage truck wash)

This product is designed to be used with two stage applications as the second step.  This high alkaline product is used to neutralize the acidic properties during the application of our MPC-8 aluminum cleaner from the first stage.  The application of MPC-9 during the second stage produces a chemical reaction, creating heat, which releases dirt and grime with minimal brushing, when only cold water pressure washing equipment is available. 


BTW (Brushless truck wash)

This is a premium product.  It is a non-corrosive, but efficiently aggressive detergent that can be used for degreasing and washing equipment, trucks, trailers, and fleet vehicles.  It is phosphate free and approved for use in many areas and locations where many other products on the market would be heavily regulated.  Not only does it perform exceptionally well, it does so with very little labor intensive brushing.  This product can be applied with a pump up sprayer, foaming device, proportioning device, or through pressure washing equipment. 

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