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Miscellaneous Cleaners and Detergents

MPC-22 (Oil/Water Separation

Phosphate-free, highly concentrated alkaline oil/water separator detergent)

This product is designed to work flawlessly with oil/water separating equipment.  Not only is MPC-22 an excellent choice for cleaning vehicles, heavy equipment, forklifts, engines, it also contains emulsifiers which aids the separating equipment in skimming to collect oil particles for proper disposal.  MPC-22 is also phosphate-free meeting some of the most stringent environmental demands related to the cleaning industry.  It can be applied with a pressure washer, pump up sprayer, foaming device, or brush.  This product can be applied straight or diluted with water up to a 60:1 ratio.


MPC-25 (House and deck detergent)

This product is specially formulated to remove dirt, grime, algae, and mildew from the exteriors of homes, buildings, and wooden structures such as decks and fences.  It can be used safely on vinyl and aluminum siding, wood, shutters, awnings, porch screens, and even patio furniture.  It can be used with pressure washing equipment or applied as a pre-spray product with a pump up sprayer.  It can be diluted with water from a 1:1 to 1:60 ratio depending on the specific needs.  MPC-25 can also be mixed safely with bleach if heavy mildew is present. 


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